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Test Engineer
1. Electrical and electronic related majors, college and above; more than one year relevant work experience
2. English level 4 or above, good English reading and writing ability;
3. Experience in certification testing is preferred;
4. Be able to think and solve problems independently, diligent and conscientious, strong sense of responsibility, good at teamwork;
5. Agile thinking, good communication, coordination and problem analysis skills.

Test technician
1. College degree or above, CET-3 or above, major in science and engineering.
2. Honest and trustworthy, obedient to management, strong learning and communication skills
3. Ability to execute a variety of projects at the same time, with strong resistance to pressure;
4. Have a spirit of teamwork and a sense of responsibility;
5. Familiar with electrical products in laboratories and factories. Experience with the same position is preferred.

Customer service specialist
1. College degree or above, proficiency in office software, one year and above work experience;
2. Have patience, serious and responsible work attitude, persistence, and need a strong sense of responsibility
3. Good communication skills, clear thinking, careful and careful, strict rigor, and strong initiative;
4. Good customer service awareness and teamwork spirit; can withstand certain work pressures.

Big customer marketing executive
1. No gender, good image quality
2, college degree or above, if there is computer or system integration related majors
3, have more than 1 year of peer work background priority
4. Have a keen market and analytical ability, mature communication and coordination skills
5, have major customer marketing or project management experience
6, skilled use of computer office software, to adapt to business trips